Retired Police Officer Leon Jansen: “My money is safe in the hands of IFSA”

Retired police officer Leon Jansen shares his inspirational journey of investing his money with IFSA Private Equity. Learn how to take financial control.

At IFSA Private Equity, we’re constantly looking for ways to help South Africans take advantage of underlying investment opportunities.

Our ultimate goal is to add value to the lives of our clients. They are our reason for being; their trust is our biggest asset. Client success boosts lifetime investor value, creating loyal customers with rewards that far outweigh traditional returns.

We recently chatted to ex-police officer Leon Jansen about his investment journey with IFSA Private Equity.

Watch our video interview with Leon Jansen.

Can you tell us about your background and career?

I grew up in Molteno, a tiny town in the Eastern Cape. After school, I joined the South African Police Service in Dordrecht. I am married to my high-school sweetheart, and we have two children. We have lived in Pretoria since 1974.

After a long career in the SAPS, I did security work in Iraq for some years. Thereafter, I returned to South Africa for good.

What has your financial journey been like before IFSA?

I never really received guidance on how to save money. Once I started working, I was warned to stay away from certain institutions. I was told people will come to see me to offer me policies and annuities. I was warned not to buy into any of it.

Over the years, I learned from senior colleagues how investing works and what the correct procedures are. That's why I decided to invest with one of the top institutions in South Africa.

Where did you hear about IFSA?

My sister-in-law suggested I speak to IFSA. I made an appointment and Frikkie van Loggerenberg came to see me. At the time, I did not know he was the founder and CEO of the company.

When I realised Frikkie was not just a consultant, but IFSA’s CEO, it was just amazing. I was astounded. I couldn't believe that he would go out of his way to come and see me in person.

Right then, I decided I couldn't make a mistake trusting IFSA with my money. Since investing with IFSA, I have not experienced a single sleepless night.

What made you choose IFSA?

IFSA is not your ordinary investment firm. Once you get to know them, you’ll understand why.

Before I invested with IFSA, I invested my money with another company. Then, I didn't hear anything from my financial advisor for nearly two years. Finally, I phoned him to enquire about my investment. He assured me I had nothing to worry about.

But the fact that he didn't contact me for so long made me suspicious. I called someone at the company for more information about my investment. To my complete surprise, I learnt that I had lost a large sum of money. I was extremely disappointed, and lost all faith in both the company and my financial advisor.

My advisor must have known that I lost money. Yet, instead of speaking up, he hid it from me. That’s when I decided to invest with IFSA Private Equity.

What has it been like dealing with IFSA?

I am very happy with how IFSA handles my investment. Our relationship is a great example of trust that goes both ways. There’s a constant flow of communication. For me, this is extremely important.

Since investing with IFSA, I’ve been able to say goodbye to all my sleepless nights. There is nothing to worry about anymore. I know my investment is safe in IFSA's hands.

Would you recommend IFSA to other independent investors?

Any person, any time, any day – invest your money safely and responsibly. Contact IFSA and speak to Frikkie van Loggerenberg.

You don't have to be a millionaire to invest in IFSA's Cornerstone Capital Private Equity Fund. If you have a lump sum to invest, or if you are earning a monthly income, go to IFSA and speak to Frikkie.

IFSA's team handles my financial affairs very professionally. I have not for one day or one moment regretted that IFSA came my way.

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